We get this question quite often and although the answer itself is straightforward there happens to be an important follow up question worth reading below!  But going back to the question of does Dealer Solutions run on a Mac, the answer is no.  As we state in our technical specs our software is designed to only run on a Windows-based PC.

With that being said we want to answer this important follow up question…

Can I run Windows on my Mac?

That answer is YES.
Mac computers do have a couple of solutions for running Windows and Windows-based products on their computers.  The two main utilities we will be discussing are Parallels and Boot Camp.


Website   |   $99/yr

Parallels is by far the best and easiest solution for running Windows on your Mac computer.  When you open Parallels on your computer it opens up your Windows “virtual machine”.  You’ll see a desktop and a start menu just as if you’re on another computer.  It’s from within this window you can open and run Dealer Solutions as if it’s a stand alone program!

Browse the Parallels website to see more functions and features.

Pros:  Runs native in your Mac OS, easy to use, fast, able to have windows icons appear on the Doc bar
Cons:  Comes with a price tag of $99 per year.

Boot Camp

Website   |   Free

Boot Camp is a utility that comes with your Mac and lets you switch between macOS and Windows.  With Boot Camp essentially you will start up your computer and choose Windows.  The Mac will then load up into Windows and you will treat the computer like a Windows machine to run Dealer Solutions!

Pros:  Included on the computer (free!), can essentially make your Mac a “work computer” and personal computer by keeping them separate.
Cons:  Hard to transition from Mac to Windows than Parallel, may become obsolete in the years to come.

But wait…

  1.  Don’t forget that with either of these methods for converting your Mac to run Windows you will still need to purchase Windows Operating System.
  2.  We do not provide tech support for Parallels or Boot Camp.  Once you have access to Windows on your Mac then we can assist in getting Dealer Solutions running.