Have you ever purchased a vehicle from a customer without selling them one of yours?  Although the main function of Dealer Solutions is to create paperwork with your Dealership being the Seller we have added “reverse sale” forms you can print when stocking in a vehicle.


Here’s how it works!

The first step is to stock in the car you are purchasing, just as you do when you purchase a vehicle from the auction.


2) Enter the PURCHASED FROM information
For this purpose the purchased from information will be used as the SELLER information on your forms.

3) Enter the VEHICLE COST on the expenses page
For this purpose the vehicle cost will be used as the PURCHASE PRICE on your forms.

4) PRINT FORMS from Inventory Record
Now navigate to the Print Forms screen (last page of the vehicle record).  Select the forms you want to print.  If you’re in North Carolina that will be the Bill of Sale, DSS-903 Power of Attorney, MVR-180, and MVR-181.