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You sell cars.
We'll handle the rest.

Our software was created to make selling cars as easy and painless as possible. From start to finish our customers tell us there is no better DMS out there. They say the software is intuitive and easy to use, that the support is fast and friendly, and other services like websites and marketing make it even better!

Windows-Based Cloud DMS


Whether you're at work or on the go Dealer Solutions can be right there with you.  Our cloud-based DMS lets you access your data from any Windows PC with an Internet connection.  You can even manage your cars and pictures from any smartphone or tablet!

This also means your website and inventory feeds are being updated in real-time as you sell cars, add pictures, and change prices.

Forms Manager

Printing your deal forms through our DMS is easier and faster than anything else on the market.  Create form packs, print plain paper contracts and PDFs, and even type on forms directly.  You won't find anything better than this!

Payments & APR

Structuring deals and calculating payments can be confusing, especially when the customer is sitting across from you!  Dealer Solutions makes this process easy with features like auto calculations, 'Out the door' pricing, and rounded final payments.  Don't stress, use DS!

Inventory Datafeeds

Have your vehicle data and images sent automatically to the vendors you use.  Have a Carfax, Cargurus, and Selly Automotive account?  No problem!  KGI has integrations with dozens of vendors we feed to multiple times a day.  Setup is fast, feeds are hands free, and our tech support is the best!

Market Your Cars!

Be where the car buyers are!  Besides our ability to feed vehicles to any vendor you work with we offer Vehicle Listings on Google, Bing Marketplace, Facebook, Craigslist, Carstory, and more!  Get more eyes on your vehicles...get our full Inventory Marketing suite.

Mobile Inventory

Use your mobile phone to scan VIN barcodes to decode and upload your inventory directly into your DMS.  While you're out there take pictures of the vehicles as well.  Inventory will also be uploaded to your website!

Facebook Marketing

Reach MILLIONS of shoppers on Facebook and utilize our FBMP Posting Tool.  List cars on Marketplace, post vehicles to your Business Page, and access a full library of engaging images to share using our  Facebook Utilities!

Work From Phone


We know you are a busy car dealer who needs to manage your inventory on the go. Our mobile site gives you back that freedom and flexibility.  You can adjust prices, retake photos, add more vehicle options, and more!

Scan VINs, add vehicles, decode options, and snap pics from your lot with ease. By the time you open your desktop software, your vehicles will have appeared!

Say goodbye to being tied down to your sales office and say hello to freedom! With our software, you can manage your inventory on the go, from your phone or even from the comfort of your own home. Take control of your inventory today and get on the Cloud.

Customize the software with your logo. Logo also prints on the Bill of Sale.
Sort inventory by age, body style, mileage, or create your own!
Sortable columns
Actions menu for quick tasks; start a deal, edit price, add an expense, or even e-mail info and pictures!
Play your favorite song on Spotify and relax as you navigate through the easiest DMS on the market!
KGI Dealer Solutions is a Windows-based software product.
Data entry screens provide a great UX with easy navigation
Free custom designed watermarks are a great addition to your vehicle photos!
Our tech support is top notch. We are here to help in any way we can!
I have used KGI Dealer Solutions as my dealer software provider and for my dealership website for several years now, and I plan to continue using them. They have been great to work with, and the public loves my website, and it sells cars for me! I rarely ever have a technical problem, but when I do, they have fixed it with in a couple of hours. Their software is well thought out and very simple to learn and use. I would recommend them to anyone 100%.

Jimmie Conley


More than a Software

What does the 'S' stand for in DMS?


You didn't get in the car business because you were an IT professional.  We get it!  You want to sell cars and not waste time at the computer!  Dealer Solutions is so easy, a car dealer can use it!


We are out to make the fastest deal entry software on the market!  We're not quite there yet but because we focus on making the software simple, speed is already there, and it's only going to get faster!


Think of your DMS like a toolbox.  Inside are features and products to get the job done (selling cars).  If you can't find some of the tools you need we seek our partnerships with other vendors who can.  Our value is providing you with those tools for success.


Our success follows your success!  It starts with Internet marketing bringing customers to the store and carries through to the final sales process providing your customer with a fast and simple buying experience.


We're a family business and we're from the south...How can we not deliver service with a smile!  We're quick to answer emails, pick up the phone, and be there for you when you need us.  It's always 'Customer First' for us!


Security is becoming more and more an issue, especially with data moving to the cloud.  Have confidence in KGI knowing we have layers of security keeping your data safe from theft, corruption, and ill-willed employees.

Partners & Integrations

  • 700 Credit
  • Autocheck
  • Auto Corner
  • Auto Search Technologies
  • Autotrader
  • Carfax
  • Cargurus
  • Cars.com
  • Carsforsale
  • Carzing.com
  • Credit Acceptance Corp
  • Dealer Specialties
  • Dealer.com
  • eBay Motors
  • Edmunds
  • Hammer Corp
  • Homenet
  • Purecars
  • Selly Automotive
  • Sirius XM
  • Truecar
  • Vast
  • vAuto