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Dealership Marketing

REACH your customers where they are.

Drive Sales with Dealership Digital Marketing


Google is now helping people find cars with their new inventory listings on Google Business Pages.


You can now quicky and easily find vehicles for sale on Bing.com’s new Local Auto Dealership Storefront.


Craigslist and Facebook vehicle listings are made easier using our unique posting tools.

List vehicle on internet marketplaces like google, bing, and more
Did You Know?Some big name vendors charge you lots of money and will list your cars on some of these websites then link your car back to THEIR site instead of YOUR own website. So you may be paying to help boost their website so they can  charge you more!

Get more EYEBALLS on your cars & trucks.

Feed to the masses!

With our Internet marketing package KGI is able to feed your inventory to these unique marketplaces. Some setup is required but then it's hands free!

Post with a few clicks!

Use our unique posting tools to list cars on places like Facebook Business Pages and Craigslist with very minimal effort saving you valuable time at the computer!

What you get for the Money

$75 a month / No contracts

Facebook Posting Tool

Post Cars to your Feed

Using our Facebook Posting tool you can easily post vehicles to your Facebook Business Page -- let your customers view your new arrivals.

Engaging Photo Library

With the Facebook posting tool you'll have access to our entire library of shareable, fun, engaging images -- never run out of something to say.

Facebook posting tool by KGI

Facebook Marketplace

Take advantage of our new Posting Assistant tool to help you post vehicles on Marketplace!

NEW! Posting Assistant for Marketplace

  • With our new posting tool your vehicle photos can be dragged and dropped for each listing. No need to hunt down photos!
  • You can post a vehicle in about 3 minutes!
  • All it takes is a little copy and paste to create a Marketplace listing.


  • Leads from your FBMP listings will only go to your personal Facebook account.
  • This requires our Marketing Center software for Windows.

Google Vehicle Listings

Vehicles listed with your Business

With vehicle listings on Google your vehicles will now appear with your Google Business profile. The "Cars for Sale" section will display all of your vehicles using our Google partnership feed.

Google Exposure

Google is by far the most popular Search Engine. Take advantage of this automated service and put your cars in the place car shoppers are searching. * All of your vehicles link back to your VDP with our feed!

Autos Marketplace

Bing Places Listings

Just like Google, Microsoft has automotive listings to go along with your Bing Places business listing. Our partnership with Microsoft automates this feed.

Microsoft Autos Marketplace

Along with the feed to Microsoft comes listings on their automotive marketplace website! Now you're on Google and Bing - where 95% of all searches occur!

Cars on Craigslist

Easily Post to Craigslist with our Assistance Tool

Craigslist is notorious for the amount of time and effort it takes to post each vehicle. For $5 per ad you would think there was an easier way... With our posting tool there is! Create posts and export ads at a fraction of the time it takes to post on your own.

Post cars on craigslist

Additional Feeds

More Sites. More Eyeballs.