Tis the season to schedule your Facebook and Instagram Christmas posts! Here are a few we have made and wish to share with all of you!

Save these Images to Post on your Business Page

  • If you’re on an iPhone just press and hold on the image then hit Save Photo
  • If you’re on a Desktop right click on the image then hit Save Image As.

Facebook and Instagram Christmas Images

Free Facebook Business Page Images for Christmas

Save and share one of these images for your Facebook Business Page. These images with a 2.6:1 ratio are designed for your Facebook page feed. Many are 1200 x 675, the standard size for Facebook newfeeds. They are not ideal for Instagram.

How to Schedule a Facebook Post

There is an easy to follow guide that Facebook provides, but here are the easy steps:

  1. Go to business.facebook.com
  2. To the left click on Planner
  3. Find the day you wish to post, in this case December 25th, and click.
  4. The Schedule post window will pop up. Double check the date and select a time, click Save.
  5. Now complete the post by Adding Photo, writing some engaging text, and clicking Schedule!

More Holiday Post Help

Can I add holiday hours to my Facebook Business page?

Yes! To change your hours of operation on Facebook just head to your facebook page, make sure you Switched to manage the page as your business, then just click Edit Details under the Intro section and choose Business Hours.

What day should I post during the Christmas holiday?

Posting on Christmas is typically when you will reach a larger audience. On this day everyone is at home, most businesses are closed, and so people are online more.

What are the best days and times to post to your Facebook Business page?

Actually by using the Planner to schedule your post Facebook and Instagram will provide you with recommended days and times to post in order to reach your audience. Everyone’s audience is different so giving a specific day and time will vary drastically for who you are trying to reach. I know with one page I manage posting at 4:30AM is the optimal time.