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Meet Successful Joe

The Successful Way

This is Successful Joe.  He is somewhat new to the auto industry and needed a smart, reliable, and easy to use all in one solution to help manage his car lot.

As a business owner Joe wears a LOT of hats.  He partnered with KGI Dealer Solutions because of their quality products and caring support.  He didn't want to be like his brother Average Joe.

Let's see what makes Joe so Successful!


Managing the Dealership

It all starts right here.  An easy to use, easily accessible, fast way to manage the dealership.

Our Cloud-based DMS lets Joe:

  • Manage inventory and customers
  • Prepare price quotes
  • Manage buy here, pay here accounts
  • Run income and sales reports
  • Easily access fast friendly tech support!

Away From Office

Work from home is the new norm.  Now Joe and his employees can use the software at the store and on the go when needed.  All it takes is an Internet connection!

Cloud and Mobile Features:

  • Add Vehicles from your Phone
  • Syncs instantly with DMS and Website!
  • Install the Software Anywhere
  • *Desktop version Requires Windows

Running Deals

A great customer experience can create 5-star reviews and word of mouth referrals.  And what customers want the most is a fast and easy process buying a car.  KGI can help deliver that.

Deals and Paperwork Features Include:

  • Dealer branded bills of sale
  • Plain paper DMV form printing
  • Built-in error checking
  • 'Out the door' price calculator
  • DMV form news and updates


Joe worked with our team to make sure his vision and his branding match the quality and personality of his physical dealership.  He knows your online presence is just as important as your customer walking onto the lot!

The KGI Responsive Website provides:

  • Inventory syncs in real time from the DMS
  • Responsive web browsing from tablets and phones
  • Secure credit apps that import to the DMS
  • Reviews page to show off happy customers
  • Lead driven emails from inquiring customers

Engaging Facebook Users

Amazing value!  KGI has put together a Facebook marketing package perfect for the used car dealer looking to really optimize their presence on Facebook with a package that includes feeding your entire catalog of used cars to Facebook for AIA, a Posting Tool for Facebook Marketplace, and Business Page posting tool to list your cars for sale and/or engaging photos to entertain your audience and keep their attention!

Facebook Marketing with KGI:

  • Image Library of Engaging Photos
  • Post Cars to your Facebook Page
  • Facebook Marketplace Posting Tool

Get on the Map(s)!

Joe knows he needs to meet his customers where they are...which by anyone's standards the number one place is GOOGLE!  KGI helps Joe get his cars listed for sale on his Google Business Listing and Bing Places.  Not only that, but Bing Marketplace (MSN Autos) as well!

Show Up on Search with KGI:

  • List cars for sale on Google
  • List cars for sale on Bing
  • List cars on Bing Marketplace

Domains & Leads

Along with a custom website comes full domain management and email/leads assistance.  Everyone at the dealership has their own @successfulautosales.com email which carries the professionalism of Joe's business.

Managed Domains and Email with KGI:

  • Hands-free domain management included
  • Get emails on smartphones and tablets
  • Website leads feed to CRMs via ADF/XML
  • Lead management tools
  • Chat and texting integrations

List it with Craig

Craigslist has been a staple in the used car biz for years and KGI has been there since the beginning creating the simplest way to post individual cars on craigslist.  Perfect for Joe's needs.

Craigslist ads with KGI:

  • One-click post ads
  • Create your own ad templates
  • Unique urls for each car; ex. seecar.info/33bpk

Inventory Feeds

The Internet is a big place and Joe is just one guy.  In order to get his cars seen by more eyeballs he needs his cars pushed out all across the internet to his marketing vendors.  The good news is KGI is awesome at that!

Feeding Inventory with KGI:

  • Completely automated process
  • KGI works with over 60 vendors
  • Feeds to Cargurus, Autotrader, Cars.com etc
  • Feeds to CAC, Westlake, CUDL, etc
  • Fast, reliable, knowledgeable support!

Get it ALL!

Now that you see the value you're ready to see our pricing! Everything you see listed above can be bundled together for one great price! If you don't need all of it we offer many different products and combos to fit YOUR needs!

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