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Website Search Results Page

A Better Way to Search

New and Improved SRPs

The Search Results Page on your dealership's website is arguably the most important page on your entire website. KGI has created a user-friendly, searchable, and visually appealing SRP that looks great on your desktop or mobile phone.




These Features!

  • Multi-Drill Down Searching
  • Text Search
  • Custom Image Sizing
  • Custom Pricing Box
  • Partner Widget Box
  • Location Listing for Multi-Stores
  • Calls to Action
  • Vehicle View Counter

Custom Pricing Field

All dealerships don't market and price the same. Have the flexibility to display custom pricing the way that works for you.

Multi-Drill Down Filtering

Give customers the opportunity to filter through your vehicles and see exactly what they are shopping for. An example could be Chevrolet and Ford Trucks under $30,000

Easy Text Search

Search bar widget allows your visitors to quickly get to what they are looking for. Smart search also knows corrects for common language like "Chevy"

Make YOUR website the FINAL website your customers visit.

CHALLENGE: Compare these features we provide and see if they include them ALL? We can save you time and tell you they don't. Make the move to a KGI Dealer Website

Multiple Selection Search

Most other websites don't allow you to view more than search criteria at a time. That's not intuitive. Search SUVs AND Minivans with our SRPs!

Welcome all Widgets

We play nice with ALL vendors and can add the widgets you want; Car History, Financing, CRMs, Pricing...you name it we can add it!

SRP Calls to Action

Each vehicle offers multiple calls to action providing easy effortless ways for customers to reach out; Test Drive, Check Availability, and Text Us CTAs

Search and Sort

Our Sort and Search Bar features add the extra touch for a great user experience. You can even search by stock number and sort vehicles by it too!

There's more...

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Custom Vehicle Watermarks

Homepage Widgets

List vehicle on internet marketplaces like google, bing, and more

Advanced Dealership Marketing

Custom Websites