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Facebook Marketplace for Car Dealers

Sell on Facebook

Amazing value!  KGI has put together a Facebook marketing package perfect for the used car dealer looking to really optimize their presence on Facebook and their sales. 

This package includes listing your entire catalog of used cars on Facebook Marketplace for FREE!  Learn more below or call now to get started today -


Facebook Marketing Package   $50/mo

  • Inventory Syndication to Facebook
    We package and feed your inventory to Facebook every hour!
  • Vehicle Catalog for Facebook Advertising
    Utilize your inventory syndication to create targeted dynamic ads on Facebook.
  • FREE Facebook Marketplace Listings
    Reach MILLIONS of shoppers on Facebook for FREE and utilize FB Messenger to chat live with prospects.
  • Facebook Page Optimization
    Have KGI optimize your dealership's Facebook page so it's ready for likes!
  • One Customized Facebook Cover Photo
    We'll use your colors, logo, and website content to create a custom eye catching image just for you!
  • Cover Photo Library of Images for National Holidays
    You'll have access to our holiday themed cover photo album for you to use on your dealership's business page.

Facebook Syndication

Only interested in getting your vehicles to Facebook for Marketplace and running Ads?  Within a day we can get your inventory from your provider, create your catalog, and get you listed!

$50 per month

Website + Facebook Syndication

Unhappy with your current website?  Paying too much?  Just getting started?  There are many reasons to go with KGI and a long list of reasons why including;  custom design, email, watermarks, Facebook, Craigslist, security, great customer service, and more.  Let's get started!

$149 per month

Frequently Asked Facebook Marketing Questions

Facebook Marketplace is still fairly new to many dealers and so questions do arise.  Here are many of our most commonly asked questions and their answers.

How does Facebook get my inventory?
This is actually a quite simple process.  After you sign up with our service we join you in becoming managers of your Facebook page.  We then set up a product catalog and connect our inventory feed to that catalog.  Now with your cars successfully uploaded to Facebook we are then able to turn on your FREE Marketplace listing feed.

How often do my cars get updated?
KGI Dealer Solutions is set up to run a live feed to Facebook.  This means if in the next 5 minutes you change a price our file will reflect that and as soon as Facebook pulls the next file your listing is updated or added or removed (if sold).  

How many pictures does Facebook Marketplace support?
20 pictures is the current FBMP limit for displaying a vehicle for sale.

How do I get leads from my listings?
Facebook Marketplace leads are generated directly through Facebook Messenger.  When someone is interested in a vehicle it will notify you through Facebook or the Facebook Pages app.  We highly recommend downloading those apps if you don't already have them. 

"I recommend their services on multiple fronts. They operate quickly and efficiently, assist in making best choices [for me]... In the short time I have worked with them I have seen growth beyond the ROI I would have expected in such a short period of time, and advice to maintain my forward momentum whilst using their services that is sensible and consumer oriented."

James Easy Auto Finance

Things to know:

Before you post your vehicles it's important to know what Facebook expects so you have a plan in place to succeed!  

  1. You can't post NEW inventory.
  2. You must have a price on your vehicle.
  3. You must have at least two pictures.
  4. You must list the mileage of your vehicle.
  5. You must list the exterior color.
  6. Be ready to respond to ads on Facebook Messenger.
  7. Your response time can help and hurt your placement in search results.

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