We get this question from you a lot so we asked the expert herself, Kat Messenger of carolinadealertraining.com and here is what she says:

  • If the dealer is going to title and register the vehicle for the customer in SC
    • ​Complete all the paperwork they would for a NC customer except the MVR-1, Title Application
    • Use the MVR-2 to reassign ownership
    • The MVR-180 and 181 (SC DMV won’t need these but NC law requires that you complete them and give a copy to the customer),
    • The Buyers Guide
    • The Bill of Sale
    • And if you are financing, the finance documents.
  • Then the dealer should complete a SC Form 400, their Title Application.  Lienholder information goes on it as well.  DOWNLOAD FORM 400 HERE
  • What is the Buyer’s Living Situation:
  • If the buyer’s SC drivers license address does not match the address on the Title Application, they will also need a Form DL-222, Change of Residency Affidavit
  • If the buyer does not have a SC Driver’s License but wants to title and register it in SC, they will need a Form TI-006.  
  • If they are military and stationed in SC with an out of state address, they will need a copy of the buyer’s military orders.  
  • If they are a student attending school in SC with an out of state license, they will need a copy of the buyer’s student ID or enrollment papers, less than 12 months old.  
  • If they are “snow birds”, with a SC address but an out of state drivers license, they will need a copy of a mortgage statement or utility bill with their SC address. The Form TI-006 lists acceptable identification documents.  They only need a copy of their drivers license or ID if it is not SC.  
  • If they are titling in a business name, they need a copy of a business license, corporate charter, etc. verifying that it is a real business.

Now here comes the hard part.  
In SC, property taxes have to be paid before the vehicle can be titled and registered.  SC dealers, and only SC dealers, can bypass the property taxes.  NC dealers need to have a property tax receipt to title and register the vehicle, so they need to contact the buyer’s county tax office, find out what the taxes will be, and pay them; or they can tell the customer to go pay the property taxes and bring or send the dealer the receipt.  The receipt goes to DMV with the title, all reassignments, and the title application.