I would like to create a contact list for label printout of all contacts who bought from the dealership.  I found the report to print contacts but can I export them into a spreadsheet to create mailing labels?



We actually have a few built-in ways of getting this data for printing labels!

  1. We have a built in way to print labels. On the Home screen click PRINT CENTER under the Getting Started menu, then on the right side there’s an option for Print Mailing Labels. Here you can choose All Buyers, All Buyers in the past 90 day, or All buyers in the past Year.
  2. If you want to EXPORT TO SPREADSHEET, then from the main Dealer Solutions window, click FILE > EXPORT TO FILE.  In Step 1 of the Export Utility you can choose to Export to CSV or EXCEL (only if you have Excel installed).  Then either choose DEALS or CONTACTS – CUSTOM FILTER under step 2.  Next, set a date range to filter what deals to export and then in step 4 choose PURCHASED VEHICLE.
  3. If you chose DEALS in step 2 you will be able to export some sales information as well, such as what vehicle they bought and when.