Because you’re a North Carolina used car dealer, you will use primarily North Carolina paperwork. So your forms will look something like this:

  • NC MVR-2
    To reassign the title to the customer.
  • Bill of Sale
    Do not include any tax or registration fees. The customer will pay those separately when they go to the DMV to register the vehicle in VA. However, if you are going to the DMV you will need to collect these and pay the VA DMV.
  • NC MVR-180 and 181
    Always include odometer and damage disclosures.
  • FTC Buyer’s Guide
  • VA VSA-17a
    As a courtesy to your customer you could print them this Virginia title application. If not they can complete one at the DMV.
  • Vehicle Inspection receipt

Other scenarios to look out for

  • If there is a lienholder involved with the sale make sure they do not require you to go to the Virginia DMV to register the vehicle.
  • If the vehicle you are selling is a repossession, so it has a Certificate of Repossession attached to the title, the VA DMV will not accept the Title. You will first need to title the car in the dealership’s name before reassigning it to the customer.
  • The above also applies to vehicles with more than 5 MVR-2s attached to the Title.
  • You can issue a 30-Day temporary tag but make sure you verify with the customer’s insurance company that they are authorized to do business in your state.

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