The North Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles – Dealer Unit put out their updated “NC DMV Minimum Dealer License Requirements” form back in June of 2020.  Not much has changed in this update but here are the 5 things you need to do in order to get a car dealer license in North Carolina.

1. Find a Location

If you want to sell cars you need a…car lot!  DMV requires you have a physical address and office.

2. Take the 12-Hour Pre-Licensing Course

It is mandatory that all perspective dealers take a 12 hour class learning about the Do’s and Don’ts of the biz.  You can find dates and locations here:

3. Get Bonded and Insured

Let’s face it, you’re not just selling socks.  Motor vehicle sales in North Carolina require you to be bonded and insured.  A corporate surety bond and garage insurance is a must.

4. Register your Business

You need to be “official”.  This means you need a current business license from the state and local municipality saying you can do business at your physical location.  You can do this yourself or use Legal Zoom to take of it for you!

5. Pass a Criminal Background Check

There are minimal requirements you must pass regarding certain crimes and felonies in order to be the owner of a car dealership.

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