It‘s no surprise that mobile devices are now the primary method for people to view websites. I mean just consider your own web-browsing behaviors.  We are, literally, attached at the hip with our iPhones and Androids. According to research, website traffic trends now show that mobile devices are the number one method for people viewing websites. This is a major shift from just a couple of years ago when desktop computers were the dominant method for accessing websites.

Mobile Website Traffic Trends Over the Past 20 Years

  • In 2000, mobile website traffic accounted for less than 1% of all website traffic.
  • By 2010, mobile website traffic had increased to 4.5% of all website traffic.
  • In 2020, mobile website traffic accounted for over 50% of all website traffic.
  • In 2021, mobile website traffic is estimated to account for over 60% of all website traffic.

The Surge in Mobile Device Usage

First and foremost, the features and capabilities of mobile devices have improved significantly over the past few years. Smartphones and tablets now offer large, highresolution displays, fast processors, and more features and apps than ever before. This has made it easier for people to access websites from their mobile devices. Not to mention the advancement in 3G to 4G and now 5G that provides instant access and answers.

In addition, more people are now using mobile devices for their everyday tasks, including browsing the internet. As a result, people are increasingly turning to their mobile devices to access websites. This is especially true for people who are on the go and need to access websites quickly and easily.

Finally, the prevalence of mobile devices has made it easier for website owners to optimize their sites for mobile devices. Thanks to advances in web development technologies (responsive websites), we are now able to create websites that are “mobile first”. This ensures that mobile users have a better experience when viewing websites on their devices.

Impact on Used Car Dealers

A mobilefriendly website is essential for car dealerships in todays digitaldriven market. As the trends show consumers are turning to their phones and tablets to research and purchase products and services, having a mobilefriendly website allows car dealerships to provide a better user experience and reach more potential customers. Mobilefriendly websites are designed to be easytonavigate and optimized for all devices, ensuring that customers have access to all of the information they need when using their mobile devices. Additionally, mobilefriendly websites help build a dealerships online presence, creating customer loyalty and helping to drive sales.