There is a new law in effect for North Carolina businesses that want to title a vehicle in their Business/Corporation/Firm/or Partnership name.  Below is a brief summary and then the full announcement:


As of March 2023 you need the following when titling a vehicle in the name of a business:

(1) A Valid ID – a valid Driver‘s License or Identification Card belonging to an owner or officer of the business (no passports),
(2) Proof of NC-Based Business – papers
proving the business exists in North Carolina – ie business license,
(3) Business Name on DMV Forms – the business name on the bill of sale and title work signed by the owner (no power’s of attorney)


New Rules for Titling in a Business/Corporation/Firm/Partnership

New Titling Requirements (Effective 3/15/2023)

  • Copy of the firm, partnership, corporation or businesses incorporation papers, assumed business name filing, etc. to prove the company exists in NC. It must be confirmed on the NC Secretary of State website
  • All title work must be signed by the owner or officer of the business who is listed on the official business filings. No one with a Power of Attorney (POA) will be allowed to sign for the business.
  • A copy of a Driver’s License or Identification Card belonging to the owner or officer of the firm, partnership, corporation, or business must be included with the paperwork.
  • ONLY a valid DL or ID from a US State or US Territory is allowed. Valid means that it is current and not expired. **PASSPORT AND/OR OTHER COUNTRY ID CARDS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED
  • If the business filing date on the Sec of State was after the assignment date, then the title work will be rejected. The business must be established before titling a vehicle in that business name.
  • The bill of sale must be the same as the business entity. If the bill of sale is to an individual, and the assignment is to the business, the title work will be rejected.

This will be required for each piece of title work done in the name of a business, no matter if they already have vehicles titled in their name in NC