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Facebook News and Other Internet Marketing Updates

Facebook Marketplace Shuts Down to Dealers.

Unfortunately Facebook has decided to stop supporting the ability for Car Dealers to post inventory to FBMP. They are also removing the Inventory manager and shopping tab.

We believe they pulled dealers to their platform, were overwhelmed by the support it required, then abandoned it in favor of Automotive Inventory Ads (their paid products). This is very unfortunate for dealers.

List vehicle on internet marketplaces like google, bing, and more


All is not lost! With this announcement we are working to establish new partnerships to advertise your inventory.

Read more in the section below for a more complete breakdown of our Marketing Package. If you have any questions please email us:


What is no longer available:

  • Posting Vehicles to Facebook Marketplace as a Dealer Page
  • Listing Vehicles on your Facebook Inventory tab

Note - Facebook says you are still able to list vehicles on behalf of your dealership under your own personal Facebook account.

What our Marketing Package still includes:

  • FBMP Posting Assist tool to post to FB Marketplace
  • Posting individual Vehicles to your Dealership FB Page
  • Posting engaging images to your Dealership FB Page
  • Listing Inventory on your Google Business Page
  • Listing Inventory on your Bing Business Listing
  • Listing Inventory on Bing Marketplace
  • Inventory Feeds to iSeeCars, EasyAutoSales and Carstory
  • Craigslist Posting tool (Marketing Center software)

Facebook Marketplace

Take advantage of our new Posting Assistant tool to help you post vehicles on Marketplace!

NEW! Posting Assistant for Marketplace

  • With our new posting tool your vehicle photos can be dragged and dropped for each listing. No need to hunt down photos!
  • You can post a vehicle in about 3 minutes!
  • All it takes is a little copy and paste to create a Marketplace listing.


  • Leads from your FBMP listings will only go to your personal Facebook account.
  • This requires our Marketing Center software for Windows.

Learn More about our Inventory Marketing Package!

Facebook posting tool by KGI
Post cars on craigslist