These FAQs were published on Dec 10, 2018 by the SC DMV

As we get closer to the launch of traceable temporary tags in South Carolina many questions are coming in from our dealers.  We found these FAQs on the DMVs website and are passing it along to you.

1. Q: What is the projected timeline for traceable temporary license plate issuance?
A: The SCDMV anticipates distributing technical specifications in January to all EVR providers. The ability to issue traceable temporary license plates will begin to be distributed in (tentatively) April 2019. May 15, 2019 will be the effective date of Senate Bill 1083 which amends SC Code of Law §56-3-210. November 11, 2019 will be the end of the 180-day phase in period of full traceable temporary license plate issuance. No non-traceable temporary plates will be legal on South Carolina roads beginning November 11, 2019 and after.

2. Q: Will I be able to use current temporary license plate card stock?
A: There will be a 180-day implementation period (until November 10, 2019) during which you may use your temporary license plate stock.

3. Q: What equipment will I need to be able to issue a temporary license plate?
A: There will be two options.
Option 1: You will need an EVR provider. Below is a list of EVR providers. You will also need a computer, laser printer, and internet access that is compatible with provider and SCDMV requirements.
Option 2: If you wish not to obtain an EVR service provider and the equipment, then you would apply at an SCDMV branch office to get a temporary license plate printed over-the-counter.

4. Q: What do we do with old card stock remaining?
A: You will need to discontinue use and discard old cardstock. There is no reimbursement for remaining stock.

5. Q: What If I deplete my cardstock but am not yet able to issue temporary license plates through my EVR provider? A: You will need to apply for a temporary license plate at an SCDMV branch office.

6. Q: How will dealers obtain cardstock? A: Dealers will reorder though their EVR provider. Providers will maintain re-order and inventory points. Providers will be communicating with the South Carolina Automobile Dealers Association (SCADA) and/or the Carolina Independent Automobile Dealers Association (CIADA) regarding cardstock. Traceable Temporary License Plate FAQs

7. Q: How will traceable temporary license plates as described in Senate Bill 1083 affect spot deliveries?
A: A vehicle cannot obtain a temporary license plate until the vehicle is sold. However, a dealer may use a Dealer plate for up to seven days if the dealer is providing a vehicle demonstration for a customer.

8. Q: How are casual sales affected?
A: All casual buyers must continue to purchase a temporary license plate from the SCDMV with the bill of sale. A seller can no longer purchase a temporary plate. Fees remain the same.

9. Q: Are there new features on the traceable temporary license plate?
A: The SCDMV is working with the dealers associations on security features and specifications.

10. Q: For a consumer, will this reduce the wait for receipt of registration by mail?
A: The SCDMV anticipates the consumer will receive the registration quicker because the vehicle information is entered at the time of sale.

11. Q: Will every vehicle sold by a dealer need a temporary license plate even if the customer is transferring a plate?
A: Yes, every deal will receive a printed 45-day temporary license plate. This will allow the customer to receive a temporary registration showing the VIN of the new vehicle for ownership purposes. If the customer is transferring a license plate, the customer may choose to put his or her metal license plate on the vehicle. The customer must keep the temporary registration with the old registration for the metal plate and bill of sale in the vehicle in case law enforcement stops him or her between purchasing the new vehicle and receiving the updated registration.

12. Q: What should the customer do with the temporary license plate once they receive their metal plate?
A: The customer should discard/dispose of the temporary license plate once he or she receives the metal plate. The temporary plate will no longer be valid.

13. Q: Are there any new fees for temporary license plates through EVR?
A: No, the SCDMV has not introduced any new EVR fees for temporary license plates.

14. Q: Which types of temporary license plates are affected?
A: This law affects motorcycle (not including mopeds) and passenger vehicles Traceable