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Don’s Retirement

Messages to Don

KGI cofounder, Don Kelley, also known as Dad to many of us here retires today, March 31st.  After decades in the car business he teamed up with his oldest son, Ryan, back in 2003 to bring a new way for independent dealers to sell cars and print their paperwork.

19 years later and at the age of 76 he's ready to hang it up and enjoy more time to work around the house, spend time with grandkids, exercise, and travel with our mom, Sharon.

We thought it'd be fun to collect some well wishes from you all and present him with them.  If you'd like to participate please submit below!

We are thankful for the vision Don had for KGI almost 20 years ago and look to carry on his legacy for the next 20 years!  Thank you all!!